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[MV]Z.flat-Day and Night(최종)(심의완료).PNG
Z.flat - Day and Night Official M/V
TAKUWA - 타쿠와가 성현이랑 했던 거 (Feat. Rose de Penny)
반반(Banban) - April
벨라(Bella) - 블루오션(Blue Ocean)
포이 뮤지엄 (POY Muzeum) - Space High (Feat. TAKUWA, PUP) (360 VR camera)
PUP(펍) – Uh Uh Um (Feat.POY Muzeum)
데이투(Day2) - 아니야
PUP(펍) – Stay with you (Feat.Ripley) 4K
PUP(펍) – Good life (Feat.Hash Swan)
PUP - 별이 돼줄게 (Prod. Cash Note)
Astronuts (아스트로너츠) - Astronomy (천문학개론)
​규리 - 알람은 꺼줘 (Morning Call)
Min Jusin Trio - Sangji Song
스카웨이커스(SKAWAKERs) - Summer Riding & 송정 바닷가
Alcls(알클스) - Flower (꽃)
My Golden Age(마이골든에이지) - Shout(소리질러)
버닝소다 - 새벽 4시
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